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Just couldn't do it.

One Heart to Win - Johanna Lindsey

Couldn't finish this one.


Used to love Johanna Lindsey. Back in the 90s, when she released a new romance every 6 months, I would snatch up every release. Western, medieval, regency, sci-fi --didn't matter. I loved 'em.


Then something happened about the time her published moved her to hardback publications and she slowed down to 1 release a year. Don't know if she lost her mojo or just got burned out, but it showed in her writing. The magic was gone.


It's still gone.


I made it about 40% through, then gave up. The heroine is snobby and selfish and undertakes a ridiculous charade for stupid reasons, and everyone just happily goes along with it. The hero is lackluster and boring. They didn't even meet until about 15% of the way into the plot, and that was boring too.


I loved this author so much, and this is a sad shell of her former work. I'd rather reread her older stuff, which still stands up after all this time.


Ugh. So sad.